Unique, very early JZR CX.

Chassisnumber xxxxx00006, now completely restored and improved to a very high standard.

The cockpit area was raised 3 cm and she was converted to LHD, which resulted in much more room for the legs and much more space in the pedal area.

The Moto Lita 4 spoke steering wheel has a quick release, the dashboard got a hand turned finish.

Except the original CX rpm meter all gauges are modern VDO units.

The nose can be removed easily by 4 Dzus quarter turn screws.

The tired CX500 engine was replaced with a 650 unit, which gives a lot more torque and power.

Maintained were the rear placed radiator and the superbly bent SS exhaust pipes on one side.

Normally a CX gets very hot in the footarea and the pipes on one side gave the opportunity to create a gearcontrol placed outside.

The original steel chassiscovering was replaced with 1 mm aluminium (removable), louvres in the rear for good ventilation for the rad.

Rear light units have three functions, possible with modern LED technology.

On her first testdrive outside temperature raised above 30 degrees C and even without the louvres the watertemp did not rise above 90C.

Dutch registration, first date of registration 1978. Price POA.

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